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Laser type:CO2
Laser Power:130W
Gross weight:168kg
Machine dimention:1770*1200*1150 mm
Laser tube:Hermetic CO2 glass tube
Product Features

Introductions of 130W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine
BW1318 laser flat bed is used specially for the nonmetal art crafts, gifts and the engraving of bamboo products. The mechanical structure is strong and stable, making the machine to run at high precision. The electrical ability is stable, the engraving speed is high, and the precision is high.
Application of 130W CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
1. Packing and engraving industry: Paper engraving and cutting, rubber plate engraving and cutting, etc
2. Art and craft industry: Crystal engraving, glass engraving, acrylic engraving and cutting, etc
3. Advertisement industry: Acrylic engraving and cutting, color palte engraving, sign carvin, etc
4. Clothes industry: leather cutting, fabric design, etc
5. Stone industry: marble engraving, photo and text design on granite, etc
6. Photo building industry: carving photos on acrylic, photo paper, etc
7. Model industry: ABS cutting, model airplane cutting, wood engraving and cutting, etc
Advantages of 130W CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
·Machine went through a strict quality control process.
·Advanced and mature high speed DSP control system
·Laser tube - fine laser beam, good effect for cutting & engraving .
·3 phase stepper motor and driver, work with high efficiency, energy saving, good performance
·HIWIN linear square guide, work stable & high precision
·Material can be delivered unlimited from front to back.
·high quality machine shell, which make machine work stable and high precision
·Red laser pointer for easy job set up
·Double heads are optional, it can complete works done by two machines one time. Save time and improve efficiency
·Separate type is optional, it can be separated into 3 parts, it can get through small door easily.

Technical Parameters



Laser power


Laser type

Hermetic CO2 glass tube

Power supply

AC220 ±100‰ 50 HZ/AC110 ±100‰50 HZ

Working area


Max moving speed



Honey comb worktable/aluminum knife/steel nail(optional)

Locating precision


Min shaping character


Operating temperature


Resolution ratio

less than 4500dpi

Control configuration


Data transfer interface

USB (offline)

System environment:

Windows 2000/Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Cooling way

Water cooling and protection system

Graphic format supported

The file which CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD can identify

Compatible software

CorelDraw, AutoCAD

Cutting thickness

0-20mm(depends on different material)

Color separation

Separation of cutting up to 256 colors

Sloping engraving

Yes, slope can be designed discretionarily

Machine dimention





Plywood case

Optional parts

High-grade cooling system

imported focus lens


cylinder rotary attachment

irregular rotary attachment

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